Professional services

Supporting the map and navigation industry

Helping them to understand their products, markets and competition
Product analysis
Market analysis

Product testing

Testing and Verification:

  • Functionality testing and analysis for in-car navigation & entertainment units
  • Map functionality testing
  • Detailed Test and Use case scenario evaluation
  • Global field testing experience, having tested in over 50 countries

User Experience Testing:

  • Proprietary frameworks to assess UX of new or existing navigation solutions
  • Localisation modification to ensure proposition matches the needs and nuances of local markets

Competitor benchmarking

  • Desk-based analysis of competitor offerings to understand strengths and weaknesses and where to invest
  • Proprietary data collection and analysis tools focused on understanding product depth and coverage
  • Field testing of navigation products to determine how products compare against each other and the real world GIS software expertise

Market Analysis

Delivering insights on competitors, markets and products that combines both a qualitative and quantitative approach as well as a clear understanding of how the insights will then be used by our clients

Key focus areas include: Market Analysis, Go-To-Market Strategy, Competitor Intelligence and Competitor Benchmarking

What we do

We support the mapping and navigation community to deliver their objectives in a practical and efficient way.
Who we are

We are a blend of customer analysts, surveyors, app developers and mapping enthusiasts with a global footprint.
What we offer

We provide a full service solution to your mapping and navigation needs. Contact us to understand what this may mean for you and your business objectives.
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