Indoor maps and wayfinding

Welcome to our indoor map and wayfinding solution

Introducing our indoor mapping solution for your mobile and web applications
Digital maps

The Point Map solution enables you to create and integrate indoor maps and wayfinding into your mobile and web applications

  • Supports multiple digital map formats including Indoor Mapping Data Format - IMDF
  • Fully customisable digital maps
  • Indoor / outdoor wayfinding
  • Built-in search allows users to explore the venue
  • Integrate positioning technology
  • Edit Map content in real-time
  • Set-up for both enterprise and consumer application use
  • Cross platform deployment with easy to use SDKs
  • One map to manage across iOS, Android and web applications
  • Easy to use

    Integrate into your applications within days

    Personalised to suit your brand and purpose
    Fully supported

    Responsive team to help you through integration and development of your applications

    We are end to end map solution providers, from digital map creation and map visualisation, to animated wayfinding and real time content management

    The SDK is set-up for enterprise and consumer applications

    We are currently working with airlines, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, transit hubs, museums, educational institutions and building management companies

    If you manage, own or service venues please contact us - - to see how you can benefit from indoor maps

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