Specialising in maps, navigation and location services

Working with the leading enterprises in mapping and location data services, we offer a range of services to support product marketing and business development efforts within the mapping community

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Product Benchmarking

Running map feature comparisons

We perform in depth analysis of map related products relative to the market place

Product analysis includes POIs, Addresses and many other key features of map offerings to understand strengths and weaknesses of your product and where to invest

We provide field and desk based support to mirror real world environments to determine how different product offerings perform

Product Testing

Testing of Head Units and Infotainment

Having performed tests in over 50 countries, analysing map and navigation related features, we provide a comprehensive knowledge base to support Location and OEMS to perform Head Unit testing

We offer extensive scenario based testing for bug reporting as well as UX advisory on infotainment units

We have our own proprietary frameworks for testing as well as working with existing models to drive product improvements

Market analysis

Analysis for the Location Based Industry

We run both qualitative and quantitative market analyses to gain deeper insight on the relevant opportunities for businesses aiming to offer services that have a map and navigation related offering

We are experienced in setting up and delivering interviews with key decision-makers across multiple markets, especially within the logistics and transport sectors as the need for digital map and navigation related services intensifies

Our market reports are tailored to individual customer needs and focus on delivering tangible insights for business development efforts

About Point Consulting

What we do
We support the mapping and navigation community to deliver their objectives in a practical and efficient way
Who we are
We are a blend of analysts, surveyors, developers and mapping enthusiasts with a global footprint
What we offer
We provide concise and scalable analysis to support quality, product and marketing efforts