Specialising in maps, navigation and location

Indoor maps and wayfinding

Point's indoor and outdoor map solution enables interactive digital maps, wayfinding and indoor positioning to be effortlessly integrated into both mobile and web-based applications.

Venue owners and operators are using our solution to improve customer experience and operational efficiency.

If you want an indoor map for android,iOS and web - download our demo app to discover a new face of indoor maps.

With offices in Asia and Europe, we are well positioned to offer agile, local and responsive services.

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Professional services to the map and navigation industry

Core services include product benchmarking and testing as well as market analyses to support the maps and navigation industry.

We work with the world's leading map companies to help them better understand their productís strengths and weaknesses to support product improvement decisions.

We also work with leading Auto OEMs and their nav system partners on in-field product testing and have tested in over 50 countries.

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